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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Blogger W3C Validation Fail

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OMG !!! I'm surprised when I validate my blog.

137 errors and 20 warning(s). Insane.

Referring to Vikas Gupta's blog (bloggingtips), Blogger have had this problem since they still used XHTML for the templates. Even though, it has smaller number than before (probably because now they use HTML5), but I think the number is still huge.

I've tested some Wordpress websites and they have less errors. Click the links below to see the result yourself:

There are some steps to fix invalid xhtml template that are suggested on Kaylan-City's blog.

The website also points out some problems that can only be fixed by Google team such as Blog's Search Result String '&max-results=20' Error and Navbar's Validation Error

So, what's the solution? Migrate to Wordpress ?



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