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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Macbook Screen Models List

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Below is a list of Macbook screen models. It's useful when you want to replace your Macbook screen by yourself. This list especially useful for 13.3" Macbooks (Source: many)

9C84 = LG/Philips LP154WP3-TLA1 (15" MacBook Pro)
9C85 = Chi Mei N154C6-L04 (15" MacBook Pro)

9C89 = LG/Philips LP133WX2-TLC1 (MacBook UniBody)
9C8C - AU Optronics B133EW04 V0

9C9F - LP133WX3-TLA1

9CA0 - Chi Mei NI33I6-L06 (MBP 13" 2.26 Ghz)
9CA1 - AU Optronics B133EW07 V0 (MBP 13")
9CA5 - LG/Philips LP133WX-TLC5
9CA6 - Samsung LTN133AT09
9CA7 - Chi Mei N133I6-L08
9CA8 - AU Optronics B133EW04 V3


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