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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pet Society - Hack Coins & Paw Points

6:41 PM Posted by viperfx07 6 comments
Tired of waiting your paw points & coins increased. Go see the videos and rage!!!

Hack Coins Video

Note:the code is: 840FFF85C12A0FF2
1st of all...tick all the boxes that is told u to do
2nd sell or buy anything *before us start the first scan*
and then do exactly what in the video
Download Cheat Engine: here

Hack Paw Points Video

Note:u can both hack ur paw points and ur trophies....u can also do it with Frisbee and the ball


  1. hey, your cheat doesnt work...>_<

  2. hmmm...maybe it's not working now. should check it. or maybe you can find other videos on youtube

  3. If anyone find out it's working or not, plz comment these videos. I'll try to find the latest working videos. Thnx

  4. hi viperfx07,

    Pet Society just did a patch and the old hack doesn't work anymore.. it kicks you out of the game after the hack is executed, and you don't get a chance to save it. please help =(

  5. have you tried cheats on