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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Making the backspace key in Firefox a shortcut key to go back in Ubuntu!

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Coming from Windows a few months ago, one of the things I took for granted was the backspace key being a shortcut key for the back button on my web browser - Firefox.

Once I shifted over to Ubuntu, this shortcut was missing from a default installation.

If you want to replicate how the Firefox web browser on Windows has mapped the backspace key to go back a page on linux based systems, do the following:

* Open up firefox
* In the address bar, type about:config *this should give you a payload of preferences going down the page*
* Once this happens, enter the word “backspace” in the filter field, this should narrow your entry to one that says browser.backspace_action.
* Double click on the entry and change the value to 0 instead of 1.

The change should be immediate, so if you now press the [Backspace] key, it functions as a back button. I must have done this a several times when I was installing and reinstalling distributions as I messed around with my installations, but kept forgetting how to do it. :)

So this is more a quick note than any ground breaking hack.


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