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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

[Tutorial] Remote Desktop and SSH behind HTTP NTLM Authentication Proxy Server

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This is a great lesson and i can't do it in my hometown because my ISP there blocks all inbound ports. Here, in Australia, i can learn and do it in one university.

There are some configurations needed to do this. I have my laptop behind router to connect to the internet.

Laptop :
Public IP:

You need to download:
1. Putty. A great free telnet/SSH tool.
2. CopSSH. free SSH server

1st, you can get the tutorial here to get the idea of tunneling. :

my router setting:
Port forward : 22 to your ip If the proxy doesn' t allow SSH, use 80/443 because most of them allow these ports.
Port forward: 55555 to your ip If you use default RDC port, fill it with 3389.

my CopSSH setting:
i change my default listening port from 22 to 80. You can change it by modifying sshd_config file

my Putty setting (the most essential ones):
1. Connection - SSH. Tick Enable compression. Choose 2 or 2 only.
2. Proxy. The university use HTTP Proxy so choose HTTP. enter Proxy hostname with its port. Then enter username and password. Enter username with this format: Domain\Username
3. Connection - SSH - Tunnels.
Add new forwarded port:
Source port: 3389 (you can choose any port)
Destination: (I change default port of RDC 3389 to 55555 for security reason. To do this, you can see the tutorial here)
Then press Add

1. Run your putty. After that you will be asked to enter the username and password of user who is assigned to copSSH.
2. Run Remote Desktop Connection. Fill Connect box with localhost:3389
3. Voila.

Happy tunneling.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

[Tutorial] Disable Splash Screen on Firefox Portable

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1. Copy the \FireFoxPortable\Other\Source\FirefoxPortable.ini to the \FirefoxPortable (or where FirefoxPortable.exe exist) or you can create a file and name it FirefoxPortable.ini

2. Make sure the content of the file is like below (especially the DisableSplashScreen):

[Tutorial] Installing Flash Player Plugin on Firefox without Administrator Privilege or Installation File

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UPDATE: The following guide, originally wrote for Firefox 2, has been used successfully on Firefox 3 and Firefox 3.5. Users of Firefox Portable edition (versions 3 and 3.5) also have been successful using this guide.

The Windows computers available at my University permits login only by autenticated users (students) who don't have Administrator access and permissions.

Installing software on those PC is then not possible.

Recently they finally installed Firefox 2 but without the Flash plugins, which is absolutly useful/needed.

I then tryed to install the Flash Player using the "standard" way (click on the missing plugin link then install the plugin..). However without administrator plugins it was not possible to install.

Then I started doing some tests trying to install the plugin manually. Now I have it installed and working perfectly!

This is how I managed to install it without administrator permissions:

1. Download the XPI archive of the Flash Player Plugin to your hard disk (right click on the download link then "Save link as.."). XPI archives are only ZIP files containing the files used by the plugins.
2. So you can safely rename the file you just downloaded, called flashplayer-win.xpi, into (you are changing its extension from .xpi to .zip)
3. Extract the files in the archive. You can use any program capable of opening .zip files (WinZip, WinRAR or the free and great 7-zip). There are also websites which can uncompress archives:
4. Copy the files flashplayer.xpt and NPSWF32.dll to %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Plugins\
* %APPDATA% is the folder which holds your applications profiles and settings.
* You can open this folder simply choosing "Start → Run → Type in %APPDATA% → OK".
* In case you don't have a Plugins folder you can create one and place your files there.
5. Restart Firefox
6. Enjoy your flash websites!